Residential Roofing, Roofing in Fairhope Alabama

Local resedential roofing

Considering an expert roofer is no small task. You want your roof to be installed correctly to maximize the life of it. Its also the barrier to keep the weather from invading your home. As a pro contractor of roofing in Fairhope Alabama, we have made friends with many people in our areas. So whether your looking for roofing in Daphne, or even roofing in Robertsdale, we are here for you.


We us only high quality shingles according to the high standards that most people in the extreme south expect. From a thicker underlayment, and a larger nail area, to the high wind rated construction of the shingle itself.

Initial Inspection

Once you call us, we schedule an on site inspection at no cost to you. We relay our findings to you and you decide where we go from there. In most cases when we do find damage from a storm, your insurance will send an adjuster out to inspect as well. As a courtesy to you we will also come out to meet with him in case he has questions or needs further information from us. Then we schedule your installation.

Your home is safe with us

We take pride in our work and our people. We are licensed and insured. We only used trained installers who are directly supervised to do the work on your home. Besides, We want you to spread the good word about the high quality work we do and the superior service we offer.


 There are many nightmare stories out there of roofing companies that basically sell you the job, then leave only for a crew to show up, make a mess of things then you cant get hold of anyone. Trust me, we here that all the time. We are different. From the moment you call us, we have your home in mind. We consistently keep in contact so you know the schedule and answer any questions you have. We also schedule an inspection immediately following your installation. This inspection will key in on installation, cleanliness and to be sure you are 100% satisfied with the entire process. We aren't happy until you are.


Don't be fooled by companies that tell you they have the best warranties in the business. All shingle manufacturers offer a warranty on the product. It doesn't vary just because a company does more business than the other. In fact, if the company you hire does not properly install your shingles according to their code, your warranty may in fact be void. Call us and we will walk you through the process, and show you exactly how they expect it to be done. Its called transparency. Any representative that doesn't offer that information to you either doesn't know, or doesn't want you to know.